Larval Auth 5.3 Tutorial with Email Activation Demo

This is a demo application that goes along with my tutorial on authentication in Laravel 5.3. You can play around with the application, view the source code on GitHub or follow along the tutorial.

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A Laravel 5.3 Boilerplate Auth Application

Ready to start learning how to do custom authorization with Laravel 5.3? Then start with this demo! You can either login to your account to view the administrator dashboard or you can register to get an activation link sent to your email address! And you can find the full tuorial here.

What this boilerplate application covers

Basic Login with Token Check

This application allows users to login to the administrator dashboard. The login functionality checks that the user has activated their account first.

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Registration with Activation Token

This application allows user to signup for a new account. Once they signup, an activation key is sent to their email address so that they can activate their account.

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Support for Forgetful Users

This application takes care of forgetful users by supporting members who forget their password, forget their username or forget their activation key.

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Made with Laravel 5.3

This applicatoin was created from Laravel 5.3 so the notificaiton system is used along with the new Auth controllers that were introduced in Laravel 5.3

Resend Activation Key using notifications?