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Amir Gets A Raptor

After working on this book for over 4 years with several episodes of writers block, I’ve finally finished my first children’ book: Amir Gets A Raptor now available at Amazon and Barnes and Nobles. What’s the story about? Well.. Today, Amir is getting a raptor! A RAPTOR! Today, Amir is getting a raptor and nobody […] Keep Reading

My Creations/My Websites

Montreal Community Conctact

For over 20 years, the Montreal Community Contact has been serving serving Montreal’s Black and Caribbean Community. This community newspaper is published every 2 weeks. When they decided that they needed to upgrade their website to something that was a little more dynamic and easier to update, I decided to go with a custom WordPress theme Keep Reading

My Creations/My Websites

Benny Crew Studios

Benny Crew Studios is a joint venture between myself and my best friend, Roberto Garcia. The studio features all of our artworks and the various projects that we have worked on together over the last couple of years. Keep Reading

My Apps/My Creations

Nature Sound Spa Nature Sounds Android App

Nature Sound Spa’s nature sounds app relaxes your mind, body and soul by providing soothing sounds that create the ideal environment to calm your body and mind. This app can be used while you're studying, relaxing, working, meditating or sleeping. The natural sounds in this app help filter out unwanted noise as you read, work or study.

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My Creations/My Websites

Prem United Website

Prem United Website Client: Prem United URL: Prem United Date: October 2012 Work Done:Website Design, WordPress Integration, SEO Prem United aims to connect the community at large by exploring the traditions and evolution of Indian arts in order to better explore Indian Culture. They wanted a simple site that was easy to maintain and update. Keep Reading

My Creations/My Websites

Full Course Website

Full Course is one of Montreal's most recognizable artists and one of the most skilled rappers to come out of M-City. He wanted a very simple website with nothing fancy so that visitors could focus instead on what he had to say...

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