MiftyIsBored.com is a weblog created out of sheer boredom. The purpose of this blog is to talk about topics that I find interesting: software development, basketball, video games and comic books. I happen to be a Montreal-based software developer with over 13 years professional experience in software development. I’ve also been developing on the web for over 12 years. This blog is where I share my knowledge on wide range of topics that I like or that I find awesome. This ranges from Batman to ninjas to WordPress plugin development and everything in-between.

You’re probably wondering why I chose miftyisbored.com instead of simply mifty.com. Well for years now, mifty.com linked to a Japanese adult website and I simply got tired of waiting for the site owner to give up the name so I went with miftyisbored.com (I was also inspired by Aziz Ansari’s azizisbored blog)

Programming Skills

So, you are probably wondering what I know.. Well, here are the various software skills that I have:

  • C and C++
  • Java, Including Android programming
  • Javascript and jQuery
  • JSON and JSONP
  • PHP
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • XML
  • WordPress
  • Zend Framework
  • CakePHP
  • Symfony


The following are awards that I have received over the years

  • Founding Member – The League of Awesome (2012)
  • President – National Awesome Association (2011)
  • President – Montreal Super Awesome Society (2009)
  • Quebec All State Super Awesome Society (2005-2008)
  • People Magazine’s Most Super Awesome Man Alive (2008)
  • Nobel Awesomeness Prize (2008)
  • Olympic Gold Metal – Super Awesomeness (2008)
  • Playgirl’s Most Awesome (2007)
  • Grammy for Most Super Awesomeness – Spoken Word (2007)
  • Academy Award for Most Super Awesomeness in a Feature Film (2006)
  • Golden Globe for Most Super Awesomeness in a Feature Film (2006)
  • NAACP’s Most Super Awesome Award (2005)
  • Doctorate of Awesomeness from Chico State (2004)
  • The US Airborne’s Metal of Super Awesomeness (2002)
  • Academy Award for Most Super Awesomeness in a Short Film (2001)
  • Voted “Most Likely To Be Super Awesome” (1999)

LoL! OK none of these awards are true, but everything else in this section is true…(Thanks super awesome guy for the inspiration)

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