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PayPal Standard Checkout Integration with Laravel 10

I recently had to upgrade the PayPal integration for my site that was using PayPal’s Digital Payments API to instantly deliver digital goods. Since the Digital Payments API has been deprecated, I needed to use the new PayPal REST APIs along with the PayPal JavaScript SDK. I was previously using a CakePHP implementation with […] Keep Reading

Amir Gets A Raptor

After working on this book for over 4 years with several episodes of writers block, I’ve finally finished my first children’ book: Amir Gets A Raptor now available at Amazon and Barnes and Nobles. What’s the story about? Well.. Today, Amir is getting a raptor! A RAPTOR! Today, Amir is getting a raptor and nobody […] Keep Reading


Random Nick Fury Artwork

I usually tend to start projects and move on to other projects quite often. Case in point, this Nick Fury fan comic that I was planning on creating called Nick Fury: Rogue Agent. I think I was inspired by Captain America: Winter Soldier, which I still have as one of my top-3 MCU movies of […] Keep Reading

Artworks/Random Cartoons

019 – Superman is a Jerk!

I’ve never really liked superman as a comic book character. The problem with superman is that he has no weaknesses, so its hard to root for him because you know that he will always win. I kind of had the idea of what it must be like to be another superhero having to hang out […] Keep Reading