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Galactus vs Green Lanterns Corp Sketch

I know that it could probably never happen since DC ad Marvel really hate each other these days but I thought that it would be really cool to see a fight between the Green Lantern Corps and Galactus. I actually sketched out several pages of comic that I may post one day but for the […] Keep Reading

Completed Works

U-Force Artwork from 2003

I was cleaning out one of my old hard drives and came accross a bunch of U-force artwork from 2003 that I had done for our U-Force comic book but never used. I drew, inked and colored all of the artwork except for the image with the shotgun, which was inked by Rob. Although the […] Keep Reading

Completed Works

Wolverine in the Shadows Final

A while back, I drew this sketch of Wolverine in the shadows. I never thought that I would finish this image but now that I discovered Sketchbook Pro, I decided to ink and color this image. Below is the final work for Wolverine in the shadows. Keep Reading


Nick Fury Face Penciled and Inked

A little while ago, I made this quick sketch of Nick Fury's face for my upcoming webcomic featuring Nick Fury. I liked the way the image came out and I showed it to my buddy Tarik. Tarik then scanned the image and inked it. So below are the two images of Nick Fury's face, penciled and inked. Keep Reading


Mystique with Rifle

It's been a while since I drew two images in one week but following my drawing of Darth Maul last Sunday, here is an image of Mystique with a rifle. My buddy Tarik came over and we just decided to chill and draw something in the span of one hour. I am a huge fan of Mystique and I had never drawn her before so I thought that it would be fun challenge to draw her. Below is my final drawing for Mystique with a rifle. Overall, I'm very happy with the drawing, especially the rifle.

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