Mystique with Rifle

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It’s been a while since I drew two images in one week but following my drawing of Darth Maul last Sunday, here is an image of Mystique with a rifle. My buddy Tarik came over and we just decided to chill and draw something in the span of one hour. I am a huge fan of Mystique and I had never drawn her before so I thought that it would be fun challenge to draw her. Below is my final drawing for Mystique with a rifle. Overall, I’m very happy with the drawing, especially the rifle.

Edit: I have since completed this artwork and you can see the final artwork, in color here.


Mifty Yusuf is a Montreal-based software developer who enjoys playing with new web technologies as well as comic books and illustrations. He beleives that, no matter what the question is, the answer is always Batman!


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