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In Iron Man 3, the Iron Man Mark XVII – Heartbreaker is part of the ‘House Party Protocol’, which launches brand new Iron Man armors into action. According to the artists who created Iron Man 3:

The Mark 17 (XVII) or otherwise known as the “Heartbreaker”, is an Artillery Level RT Suit and was one of the many newly built suits created by Tony Stark, sometime after the events of The Avengers movie. The suit earned it’s name the “Heartbreaker”, because it has an oversized chest RT, which can fire powerful blasts. The Mark 17 can fire narrow or wide beams and can also generate a Repulsor Shield for protection.

I just think that it is a badass suit and one of my favorite Iron Man suits because of how rugged it looks. The Heartbreaker name is also pretty cool. You can click here if you are interested in purchasing this action figure. Check out more pics below…












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