Transformers Titans Return Posters from Hasbro Australia

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From the Australian fansite Ozformers and its user griffin, we have some recent Hasbro Australia promotional posters for the Transformers Titans Return line, featuring Powermaster Optimus Prime, Fortress Maximus and Galvatron. There is a story behind the pictures, and both can be viewed mirrored below – check them out!

Unfortunately we can’t (legally) obtain the recent Transformers advertising posters, and Hasbro Australia tried to get some back for us fans, but were unable to… so they did the next best thing – they were allowed to release the three Titans Return posters as digital images to A1 paper size (that’s eight times the size of regular A4 paper), and asked me to share them among the fandom, to use as wallpapers, or have printed out as posters if you have somewhere that can do it for you. (the image links will also be sent to TFW and Seibertron, to mirror as well if they choose, for greater, fairer, exposure)
So a huge thank you to Hasbro for going to this trouble for us fans, it is greatly appreciated.

Check out the posters below.





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