005 – Hodor, my Hodor is Hodor

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For my fifth comic, I wanted to join the Hodor meme party. I knew that I wanted to illustrate the gentle giant from Game of Thrones holding a sign but did not know what the sign would be. I originally wanted Hodor to be holding a piece of paper that showed a crossword puzzle with all words spelling “Hodor”. But when I finished the artwork, I realized that the words were too small to read and the impact of the words was lost. Since all the artwork was already done, I decided to scrap that idea and use the classic “Hello my name is..” pin. I then did some tinkering with Photoshop and was able to setup a simple animation based on the two images below. (One with Hodor’s eyes open and the other with his eyes closed.)



For anybody feeling creatve, I also have a version of the illustration that you can fill the paper with whatever you like.


As usual, there is always an inspiration behind the artwork. This time it is the excellent artwork below from Queenmob that you can find at Qwertee


Mifty Yusuf is a Montreal-based software developer who enjoys playing with new web technologies as well as comic books and illustrations. He beleives that, no matter what the question is, the answer is always Batman!

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