018 – Hammer Time

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All summer long, we kept hearing comparisons between the DC’s Suicide Squad movie and Marvel’s Avengers movies. So, I thought that it would be interesting to see what both movies share in common. In the end, all I could find was the fact that Harley Quinn and Thor both have hammers. The truth is that I did not look too long and the truth is that Harley’s hammer is not even a real hammer. But in the end, I decided to focus on this common factor to create this comic. The idea was simple: Thor has a kick-ass hammer while Harley Quinn has a silly hammer that is painted. Well, what if Harley painted Thor’s hammer? And that’s how the hammer time comic was created. As usual, I have extra artwork, including Angry Thor and Grinning Harley Quinn below.



Mifty Yusuf is a Montreal-based software developer who enjoys playing with new web technologies as well as comic books and illustrations. He beleives that, no matter what the question is, the answer is always Batman!

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