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I recently had to integrate CakePHP with Twitter BootStrap. With the CakePHP documentation being what it is, I ended up spending 2 hours pulling my hair out to understand how to integrate the CakePHP Pagination Helper with Twitter Bootstrap. In the end, I turned to the almighty Google and came up with the following solution:

<ul class="pagination pagination-large pull-right">
							echo $this->Paginator->prev(__('prev'), array('tag' => 'li'), null, array('tag' => 'li','class' => 'disabled','disabledTag' => 'a'));
							echo $this->Paginator->numbers(array('separator' => '','currentTag' => 'a', 'currentClass' => 'active','tag' => 'li','first' => 1));
							echo $this->Paginator->next(__('next'), array('tag' => 'li','currentClass' => 'disabled'), null, array('tag' => 'li','class' => 'disabled','disabledTag' => 'a'));

In all fairness, the solution is not my own, I simply copied the code from StackOverflow and modified it to work with CakePHP 2.3 and Bootstrap 3.0. Here is a link to the Stack Overflow solution

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  1. hi brother i need your help please reply asap for this problem

    Objective – Creating a bare minimum web app in cakephp that does the following –
    1. Allows a user to select some contacts from his gmail list just by a single tap login
    2. Saves those contacts in a hosted database (mysql)

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