Amazing Promotional Art for Marvel’s INFINITY by Adam Kubert

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It’s been a while since I saw a comic book artwork that impressed me or that made me go wow! So I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the promotional art for Marvel’s new crossover comic, INFINITY. This promotional art, which also happens to be the cover for issue #1 was created by legendary comic artist Andy Kubert and it is amazing! I’ve always been a fan of Adam Kubert, but I believe that this is one of my all-time favorite images that he has ever done. check out the full image below


According to Marvel, INFINITY features the return of the Mad Titan, Thanos, to center stage after a long absence. Thanos seems to be everybody’s favorite villain these days. All of geeks and nerds are talking about him and all non-nerds want to know who he is… It also helps that he was featured in the end-of-movie teaser for the Avengers movie… Check out additional promotional art for INFINITY below. It’s not as good as the one above, but it is still pretty impressive.


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