Canada is still left out of the Google Play Music Party

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I don’t know why us Canadians are always treated as third-world citizens when it comes to software releases and new goodies from the technology community. It doesn’t make sense since we share boarders with the United States and last I checked, we were one of the . My current frustration has to do with Google’s Google Play Music Service. Although the service has been available in the US for quite some time, it is still not available to Canadians! The service is also available in the UK and various European countries but when you try to access the service from Canada, you get redirected to and get the following screenshot:


So why am I so upset? Google Play Music is Google’s fancy new music service. With Google Play Music, you can discover new artists, browse millions of tracks and share the music you buy with your friends on Google+. And the best part is that you can even store up to 20,000 songs from your own library free of charge and access your music instantly on any of your Android devices or the web – no more syncing or wires. All of this sounds awesome, except if you’re a Canadian. Why? because Google Play Music is not available in Canada.

Why is it that Canada is left out of the Google Play Music party? After searching on Wikipedia, it turns out that Google Play Music is currently available in Australia, Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, New Zealand, Portugal, Spain, United States, and United Kingdom. Really Google? You’re going to offer your awesome Google Play Music to countries like Austria, Italy, Portugal and Spain but not to Canada???? How does that make sense considering that many of these countries are about to go bankrupt? I tried accessing the service through a proxy and it failed on various occasions. When it finally passed, I was asked to provide a US credit card and my Canadian credit card was rejected. For now, I continue to wait until Google announces that Google Play Music will be available in Canada… I’m disappointed Google. Very disappointed.. But if I hear that Google Play Music is available to Pakistan before Canada, I’m gonna be real upset…

Mifty Yusuf is a Montreal-based software developer who enjoys playing with new web technologies as well as comic books and illustrations. He beleives that, no matter what the question is, the answer is always Batman!


  1. Its funny. I always though that Canada was a part of the united states. Kinda like Hawaii and Alaska.

  2. Yo Mifty! Whats with the no access still in Canada? I live dt Toronto and I can’t access this amazing service! I’m upset that were last on the list of major consuming country’s to see the release… Even some info on a release date or why its not been released yet.. I hate waiting in the dark!!

    • What’s up Andrew! I agree with you dude. I really feel that sometimes Canada is treated like a third-world country… Come on Google, you’re going to choose all these other broke countries before Canada? It just doesn’t make sense. I’d boycott Google for this, but I’m too much of Google Junkie. So sadly, I continue to wait…

  3. I don’t think it’s Google’s fault here. One of our ministries (who’s acronym I cannot recall atm) is apparently really strict (and protective of the businesses that lobby it) about new technology and entertainment crossing the border. I think the fact that SO many different services are not extended to us shows how it must be our county that is the issue, rather than mere oversight on the hand of the technology creators. Music seems to be of particular issue.

  4. so your saying they should take it away from spain and put it in canada, because you like canada more? Also, companies don’t just pick the countries they will release to out of a hat. I am sure google is simply having an issue with copyright, or sony, ore millions of other things. try to stay down to earth, you could be living in a mud hut in Africa.

    • Hey sam, you got me all wrong. I don’t want Google to take it away from Spain. I just want Google to give it to Canada! I know that there are copyright issues but copyright issues in the USA and Canada are quite similar (or at least more similar than USA and Spain laws…) So the question still remains: why does things still take longer to get in Canada?

  5. Well, Canada finally got invited to the Google Music party and its amazing!!! I have uploaded all my music on the server and Google Music does an excellent job of indexing the music and classifying my music. I had about 26,000 music files and it took 3 days to upload all my files. But now all this music is availalble everywhere. On my PCs, tablets, and phone.

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