Mifty's Chart of Awesome

Mifty’s Chart of Awesome

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The following is Mifty’s Chart of Awesome. The chart is my attempt at classifying everything that I find awesome from a scale of 0 to 100, with 100 being the most awesome thing in the universe. Some of the items in the chart are obvious such as Batman getting 99% Awesome (Come on, we all know that nobody is more awesome than Batman) and Ninjas getting a very high rating. But other items are surprising such as Call of Duty being ranked so low (Sorry, I hated the franchise until the Modern Warfare series came out…). Anyways, here is my chart of awesome.

Mifty’s Chart of Awesome



Time Travelling Robot Ninjas94%



Time Travelling90%


Ghostface Killah85%

Call of Duty: Modern Warware84%

Jack Bauer82%

Ghostface Killah80%

Black Holes80%






Call of Duty9%


Mifty Yusuf is a Montreal-based software developer who enjoys playing with new web technologies as well as comic books and illustrations. He beleives that, no matter what the question is, the answer is always Batman!


  1. Hi Mifty, thanks a lot for your articles on cakephp. I am wondering if you are using cakephp to your site miftyisbored.com. Can we use cakephp for building websites? I get confused because I get lot of emails asking to build a website with their web building tools, without any knowledge of html. If so then what is the need of all these frameworks out there? please clarify.
    thanks, Krishna

    • Hi Krishna,
      This site actually runs on WordPress. It’s just a simple blog with very little programming required other than the theme that I am using. As for your question about websites, it really depends on the type of site that you are building. To really understand what you need, I would recommend that you understand the difference between CMS vs. Framework.

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