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I was recently talking to my buddy, Nick Fury of the Realcity Avengers. While we were talking, I realized that I have never drawn an image of Nick Fury before. So, I decided to take a couple of hours to sketch out my first image of Nick Fury, Agent of Sheild. I’m pretty happy with how the drawing came out, especially Nick Fury’s face. It reminds me of the Jim Lee’s drawings of Nick Fury in the Uncanny X-Men…

Nick Fury, Agent of Sheild

Below is one of my favorite images of Nick Fury drawn by Jim Lee, the cover of Uncanny X-Men #274:

X-Men274 cover by Jim Lee


Mifty Yusuf is a Montreal-based software developer who enjoys playing with new web technologies as well as comic books and illustrations. He beleives that, no matter what the question is, the answer is always Batman!

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