The new Batgirl new costume is leather, not spandex

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As of Batgirl #35, Batgirl (Barbara Gordon) loses everything she has (even her Batgirl costume) in a fire, which forces her to re-evaluate her life and re-invent her Batgirl persona. It’s a great idea since it forces the team to redesign Batgirl’s costume. Many fans have been very happy with the new Batgirl costume since it replaces the traditional tight-fitting spandex with… a leather jacket. Yet other fans are furious that DC would dare put Batgirl in anything other than the traditional spandex costume. Check out the pics of the new costume below.




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  1. what are you talking about mifty? You cant stop progess. Plus, leather is sexy! I’m all for this. I hope they do latex next 😉

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