Adidas Springblade: Welcome to the future

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Have you seen the commercials for the Adidas Springblade shoes? They look like something straight out of the future! Love it or hate it, the Springblade is different from anything else out there right now. They look like something straight out of a sci-fi movie, complete with blades that are individually designed to propel runners forward. Check out the commercial below..

How Adidas sees it:

Straight from Adidas: Springblade’s™ individually tuned Energy Blades respond to any surface to harness energy and release more back to you in every stride. Springblade has 16 high-tech polymer blades angled front-wards. According to Adidas, Springblade has one of the most efficient energy returns in the industry. The blades are highly elastic blades that react instantly to any environment, compression and releasing energy to create an efficient push-off that feels as if it had springs under his feet. Each blade is precisely tuned in terms of geometry, thickness and position for each phase of running and to support and a full range of motion. Moreover, the construction of the Springblade was designed to be flexible so that it embraces the top of the foot, allowing it to harness the energy returned from the springs in the soles.

How I see it:

These are cool looking shoes that look like they are straight from a sci-fi movie. Check out the pics below…








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